"Everyone is making more putts!"

Tour Read™ Golf has changed the game forever.

Congratulations Nick Taylor!

"Become a better green reader right away!"

WM Phoenix Open

“I have been using the @TourReadGolf green reading app and it’s by far the best way to simplify all the variables involved in green reading. It would help anyone become a better green reader right away. Thanks!”
Nick Taylor, 4-time PGA Tour winner

Over the past year, Nick’s Strokes Gained Putting has improved 0.5 shots per round. (Source: Data Golf 50 round rolling average)

Nick was one of the original Tour Read Golf app beta testers and continues to practice with the app each week.

RBC Canadian Open

Nick Taylor wins RBC Canadian Open. Tour Read Golf app user.

First Canadian to win our National Championship in 69 years!

Lee Hodges Wins First PGA Tournament Using Tour Read™ Golf

“I’ve got great speed out there. Me and my coach, [Certified Tour Read Coach] Marcus Potter, have been doing a lot of work. We’ve got this new green reading system [Tour Read™ Golf] that we’ve been using and it’s been great on greens like this where there’s a little bit of slope around the green, around the cups… got to kind of see it in there. It’s been working really great for us.

“You just kind of feel the slope in your feet. A little bit of math involved, but it’s super simple. Just being able to get a quick number like that has been really good. I’ve learned that my feet are pretty good. Since we started, I’ve really been trusting it and it’s been paying off.”

Lee Hodges
2023 3M Open Champion

Florida Gators - NCAA Men's National Champions

Congratulations to Certified Tour Read Coach J.C. Deacon!

JC Deacon

Wake Forest - NCAA Women's National Champions

Coaches Kim Lewellen and
Ryan Potter (Certified Tour Read Coach)

Great stuff to improve green reading and putting practice...

Tom Hoge
2022 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Champion

Tom Hoge 2

32 for 32 inside 10 feet on the weekend to win Valero Texas Open!

Just 1 month after starting with the Tour Read app...

J.J. Spaun goes 32 for 32 from inside 10 feet in the final two rounds to win the 2022 Valero Texas Open by two shots.

J.J. Spaun -13
2022 Valero Texas Open Champion

If you like making more putts and shooting lower scores!

Mackenzie Hughes
2022 Sanderson Farms Champion

PGA Tour players (and 12 handicaps) having instant results...

PGA Tour Coach Ralph Bauer discusses tour players having success with Tour Read Golf App on TSN’s Golf Talk Canada at the Player’s Championship with Mark Zecchino and Bob Weeks 

“… It’s mind-boggling. The guys using this are finding instant results. If the best players in the world are become better green readers using this, you can just imagine what this is going to do for a 12 handicap.”

Mark Zecchino – Golf Talk Canada

Claude Harmon: "I think the app is fantastic!"

Claude Harmon on his podcast Son of a Butch:  

“I think the app is fantastic. I helped beta test it. If you want to get better and if you want to improve, one of the easiest low hanging fruits is to learn how to read greens better. If you’re struggling with green reading you’re going to love this one.”

“Green reading is a life lesson that you can learn that will help you throughout the course of your golfing career. I’ve tried it. My guys at my academy in Dubai love it. We’re having all of our Juniors do it. We use the app and we have the player read the putt first. How far is this distance? How much does it break? Then we use the app to measure the putt. We don’t even hit the putts.”

“Go check out the app. It will definitely help you read greens better. If you struggle with green reading. If you aren’t making the putts that you think you should be making. The app will help you improve. Green reading is a skill that you can practice and if you work with this, it will help lower your scores.”

Every putt is a straight putt when you know where to aim!

“The Tour Read App is the simplest and most efficient way to improve your green reading skills. Tons of Tour players using this to improve their reads and start lines for putting. There is nothing like this on the market!”

“This app will help you learn where to aim and what pace to use. The app will almost immediately lower the amount of putts you take on the greens by increasing your awareness of proper start line and pace.”

Parker McLachlin
Certified Tour Read Coach


My new go-to training aid on the greens!

Dylan Frittelli

“@TourReadGolf is my new go-to training aid on the greens. Helps me calibrate my eyes on green reading!”

Dylan Frittelli – PGA Tour Pro

Best I've ever putted in my life!

“I recently got your tour read. Been using it the past 2-3 days to get to understand it. Played a college qualifier today and had 26 putts en route to a 69. Best I’ve ever putted in my life, my SG was probably +3 to +4. Felt confident in all my reads with the speed chart. Unreal app man.”

College player

Best Young Teachers

"Just unreal"

“Just unreal. Easy to introduce to players of all levels. The Tour Read app has become an integral part of my coaching.”

“I love being able to get the true speed of greens and teaching clients how to use the app to improve their practice.”

Taylor Crosby
Certified Tour Read Coach

First round in 6 months... "Made 8 birdies"

“Played 18 holes for the first time since June and didn’t miss a beat… Used @cdngolfcoach, @TourReadGolf system and made 8 birdies.”

Ryan Yip
Kent State Assistant Men’s Coach
Certified Tour Read Coach

Ryan Yip
Brennan Webb

Learning the greens with Tour Read Golf

Practice round in Birdwood resort: @Volgolf taking advantage of an awesome new app @TourReadGolf to learn the greens.

Brennan Webb
Head Coach – University of Tennessee
Certified Tour Read Coach

Amazing system and amazing product.

“Have worked with @ralphbauergolf personally on green reading when I caddied on tour, amazing system and amazing product.” 

“Tour Read is a great system for any individual seeking more confidence with their green reading ability!!”

Austin Hughes

Check Austin out…


Extremely easy system to teach and learn.

“Extremely easy system to teach and learn. Very excited for the first lesson!!”

Veronique Drouin-Luttrell
Head Coach Women’s Golf – University of Oklahoma
Certified Tour Read Coach

I think I'm going to enjoy using and teaching this!

Phil Jonas
Jonas Golf Academy
Golf Hall of Fame of British Columbia
Former US PGA Tour member
Winner on PGA Tour Canada, Latin America, & SunshineTour
Certified Tour Read Coach

Phil Jonas
New caddie

Immediate success on Tour... "makes it so simple"

+.85 SG, been a while since we’ve seen in positives. I like it a lot, just going to really work on my ability to read percentage with feet better. 6-12 feet I love it, makes it so simple.

PGA Tour Caddie

"I really enjoyed learning the system.

This will definitely help our players and can't wait to get them using it."

Allison Howarth
University of Iowa Hawkeyes


Another happy Tour caddie

Another happy @TourReadGolf @GolfcadieRuben caddies for Canadian Open Champion @JhonattanVegas

Ruben Yorio – PGA Tour Caddie

"Tour Read looks like a game changer."

Tour Read looks like a game changer. Creating a system to teach green reading will help golfers of all abilities improve their putting drastically. Thanks to Ralph and Steve for all the work in creating this product to help players improve their games.

Luke Workman
Two-time PGA Alberta Coach of the Year
Certified Tour Read Coach



Fantastic system!

“Fantastic system due to the simplicity and utilization of already owned “equipment” (my smartphone and putter). Easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to implement.”

Drew Cooper
Next Gear Golf – @dcooper86
Certified Tour Read Coach

Drew Cooper

"An amazing tool for my students, very easy to use."

J.P. Bedard
Niagara Falls Country Club
Certified Tour Read Coach

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