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The NEW Way Tour Pros Read Greens

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The Tour Read™ System is a tour proven, scientific, step-by-step approach to green reading for players of all abilities. Golfers get accurate reads quickly, consistently, and repeatably, even while under the pressures of competition at the highest levels (or when playing for a few bucks with your buddies).

Now available to the public for the first time! The Tour Read™ System Green Reading Method has been proven and endorsed by dozens of top tour players, professional caddies, teaching pros, coaches, collegiate teams, top amateurs, weekend golfers and beginners. 

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At the heart of the system is the patent-pending Tour Read™ Golf app which helps players learn and practice the Tour Read™ System Green Reading Method. The app accurately measures the slope of the green and translates this into a precise “Tour Read” of the amount of break to play and the pace you need for any putt.

The ability to determine the amount of break in a putt before you hit it is one of the most important and up until now elusive skills in golf. Now, with the Tour Read™ System, you’ll get a deadly accurate read every time.

The Tour Read™ Green Reading Method

Get a PRECISE read in just 3 steps...

The Tour Read™ System Green Reading Method is a proven technique for accurately reading greens and making more putts. 

This three-step method is easy enough for juniors to learn, yet accurate enough to turn tour players into champions.

First, determine the length of your putt by pacing it off, adjusting your paces to be about a yard in length. Then, calculate the Tour Read 1% Break, which shows the amount of break your putt would have if the slope is 1%. This straightforward calculation takes just a few seconds.

Next, estimate the actual slope of your putt. With regular practice using the Tour Read app, you’ll become proficient at recognizing and estimating slopes. This allows you to determine the actual break of the putt based on the 1% Break.

Finally, adjust your read for today’s green speed and any uphill/downhill slope or grain. These adjustments can be done visually without any complicated math.

That’s it! Getting a great read has never been easier. 

Thanks to our friends at TXG – Tour Experience Golf for this wonderful introduction to the Tour Read Golf app.
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Practice your green reading (something up until now was reserved for tour players with full time coaches).

Learn Exactly How Slope Affects Break

Measure how hard up and down hill putts need to be hit.

Visualize Putts in Multiple Ways

Visualize putts in both Compass and Clock views.

Training Mode

Practice reading putts even when you aren’t at the course.

Practice Like The Pros!

Precisely set up practice drills so that you can accurately assess your improvement over time.

Conforming Tournament Play Mode

Turn off measuring while on the course and still access Tour Read Charts just like the pros do.