Tour Read Golf

Q & A with Ralph Bauer

What is Tour Read Golf?

The Tour Read Green Reading System is a simple and highly precise system for reading greens proven to immediately lower the scores of players at all levels. At the heart of the system is the Tour Read Golf app which will help you learn and use the Tour Read method.

Walk us through the Tour Read story

Coming soon.

What’s the biggest variable in putting?

Green reading.

Can I use the Tour Read method during competitions?

Yes. You won’t be able to use the app on the course during competitions, but the app will teach you how to use and practice the Tour Read method without needing to use the app.

What kind of results has the system had?

PGA Tour players. Tom Hoge. J.J. Spaun. Bryson. Mac. etc.
How many tour players?
What about amateurs?
How about college and high school teams?
What about club players at every level?

Walk us through the process for a typical putt….


How does the app work?

iPhone sensors work together to form a clinometer… a 3 dimensional digital level…

How are pros using the app?

1. Set up precise and repeatable practice stations. Bryson

2. Determine daily green speed precisely.

3. Quickly and precisely practice estimating slopes. Hide Tour Read function.

4. Remote practice with the Training Mode.

5. Precisely dial-in your putting and green reading pre-round.

6. Andrew Putnam

7. Kevin Chappell – Setting up precise and repeatable drills. (20 drills)

8. Using it on the golf course to confirm reads quickly and precisely.

9. Using it on the golf course after your putt. 

10. Using it to refine your green reading and putting routine.

How do I determine the speed of the greens?

Explain using the app.

How do I determine the length of a putt?


Why do you use yard and inches as opposed to metres and centimeters?

The math is much simpler so that players can do it on the course.

Can I learn to teach the Tour Read System?

Yes. There is a certification process.

It includes everything you need to teach the 1 hour Tour Read lesson.

A complete system for teaching “Advanced” putting lessons.

What is the formula for the “base” Tour Read break?

2 x Putt length (in yards) – 1
This will give you the total amount of break for a 1% slope with a green speed of 10.

How do I adjust the base Tour Read break for different slopes?

Simply multiply by the slope of the putt (as estimated or measured using the app).

How do I adjust the Tour Read break for different green speeds?

Visualize it.

How do I adjust the Tour Read break for uphill and downhill putts?

Visualize it.

How does grain affect the read?

Visualize it.

Where and how do I place the phone?

2/3 of the way to the hole. 

How accurately can PGA Tour players hit putts?

90% of the time they can hit their start line within 1%. 1% error for a 10 foot putt will still go in. 

Why is knowing your start line so important?

Confidence knowing that you missed because you misjudged the read rather than hit a poor putt. No need to second guess stroke, putter, marriage.

How does the Average function of the app work?

Two data points

How do you use the Hide Tour Read function?

Good way to wean us off the app.

What about double breakers?

Average function

What kind of green speeds would you see for various players?

10 Typical, 13 U.S. Open

What about using lines on your ball? How do you use them?

Two data points

Mis-read + Mis-hit isn’t a solution

No manipulation