Lee Hodges Wins The 2023 3M Open Using Tour Read™ Golf System

LEARN MORE: Lee’s putting coach, Marcus Potter, discusses how and why Lee Hodges uses the Tour Read™ Golf system

“I’ve got great speed out there. Me and my coach, [Certified Tour Read Coach] Marcus Potter, have been doing a lot of work. We’ve got this new green reading system [Tour Read™ Golf] that we’ve been using and it’s been great on greens like this where there’s a little bit of slope around the green, around the cups… got to kind of see it in there. It’s been working really great for us.

“You just kind of feel the slope in your feet. A little bit of math involved, but it’s super simple. Just being able to get a quick number like that has been really good. I’ve learned that my feet are pretty good. Since we started, I’ve really been trusting it and it’s been paying off.”

Lee Hodges
2023 3M Open Champion