How To Read Greens Like A Tour Pro

Dear fellow golfer,

Have you noticed? Everyone is making more putts. Now you can too!

Stick with me for a few minutes, and I’ll explain why and tell you how you can start making more putts and lower your scores in just a few hours. 

My name is Ralph Bauer. For the past twenty years I’ve dedicated myself to becoming one of the world’s leading golf coaches. I’ve worked alongside a who’s-who of PGA tour pros, professionals, top amateurs and thousands of passionate golfers like you. I’ve coached players at all four Majors, the last two Presidents Cups, the 2016 Summer Olympics, Team Canada, Team Ontario and at every PGA Tour stop.

In competitive golf, there is a simple truth. At the end of any given tournament, the guys at the top of the leaderboard are usually the ones who have putted the best. 

Introducing the Tour Read Green Reading System

With some help from a really smart engineering team, I’ve spent the last three years developing the Tour Read™ Green Reading System to help everyone become a great green reader. It’s surprisingly easy to knock 3-5 shots off your score. 

The Tour Read™ Green Reading System is an easy to use and precise green reading method and app proven to immediately lower the scores of players at all levels, including Tour pros, top amateurs, weekend golfers and beginners. Most players see results starting the very first time they use it. 

It is an easy-to-learn, scientific, step-by-step approach, without any voodoo that eliminates most of the guesswork in green reading. You’ll get accurate reads quickly, consistently, and repeatably, even while under the pressures of competition at the highest levels (or when playing for a few bucks with your buddies).

At the heart of the system is the patent-pending Tour Read™ Golf app which top pros use regularly to practice their green reading, dial in their speed control and win! 

The Tour Read™ Green Reading Method and the Tour Read™ Golf app have been validated and endorsed by hundreds of the tour players, professional caddies, teaching pros, coaches, collegiate teams, top amateurs and weekend golfers around the world. Many thanks to Mackenzie Hughes, Jace Walker, Nick Taylor, Tom Hoge, J.J. Spaun, Adam Hadwin, Martin Chuck (Tour Striker), Parker McLachlin (ShortGameChef), Gareth Raflewski, Claude Harmon III, Chris Mayson, Andrew Putnam, Cam Davis, Bradley Lawrence, Taylor Crosby, Kevin Chappell, Kyle Stanley, Corey Conners, Adam Svensson, K.H. Lee, Dylan Frittelli, Brennan Webb (University of Tennessee), J.C. Deacon (Florida Gators), Power Horan, Edoardo Molinari, Ryan Barath, Marcus Potter, Ryan Potter (Wake Forest), Joe Toulon, Marcus Potter, Tim Tucker, Julio Vegas, Dave Phillips, Denis McDade, Bill Smittle, Ryan Yip, Lorne Rubenstein, Bob Weeks and Mark Zecchino at Golf Talk Canada, all our Tour Read Certified coaches, dozens of PGA and LPGA Tour caddies. To everyone who has downloaded the app or taken a Tour Read green reading lesson, I’m really glad you’ve had such success with it!

The app itself is sold as an annual subscription with a 7-day free trial. For less than the cost of a single lesson, most players see immediate improvements. During the free trial period, you can learn the method and decide for yourself if the app really is a valuable tool for your game.

Let me show you how it all works...

Simply, fill in this form on this page and I’ll send you everything you need to get started with the Tour Read™ Green Reading System. In just a few quick sessions you’ll learn…

How to read any putt accurately: Properly reading the green is by far the most important factor in putting. You need to understand how the length of the putt, the speed of the green and the slope of the green all affect your reads. 

Know precisely where to aim: Focus on your aim, and make sure you are aiming accurately. You can use alignment aids or aim lines to help with this.

How to develop a consistent stroke: Consistent and repeatable putting strokes are key to making putts. Focus on developing a smooth, steady, and consistent stroke.

How to work on your speed control: Speed control is crucial in putting. Make sure to hit the ball at the right speed, so it reaches the hole.

Learn to use visualization techniques: Visualization can help you to better focus and improve your putting. Imagine making a successful putt, and picture the ball rolling smoothly into the hole.

Tour-proven practice plans and drills to improve your putting and green reading: Regular practice is essential to improve your putting skills. Set aside time each day or week to work on your putting and particularly your green reading.